What is dynamic content? In many places within the system, including site pages, there are dynamic blocks and elements that you can add to your pages.

For example, the Site Header (Dynamic). It is in a gold colour and wherever this block is used it will be updated across your site. For this reason, it is good to use in the header area for menu items or the footer area, which has also a dynamic block. We don't say that you have to use it but if you do it will be mirrored across into other areas where you have this block.

If you would like to replace the Header Block, go to Blocks and scroll down to Headers. Every dynamic block is clearly tagged as dynamic. Drag & Drop the Dynamic Block in the Header Area.

All blocks are not dynamic. If you use non-dynamic blocks, they will not update automatically across all menu pages in the header.

Now, we can see how to add New Menu Item to the Header Dynamic Block. Go to Settings, by clicking the gear icon in the left corner of the header. Go across to the right side of your screen. You can see Settings Menu window open. Click Blue Box with + and another window opens. Fill in the details, for the new menu item. In Text box type the name of your item. Here, let us add a menu 'Google'. Visible to All, None, Logged in or Logged out users. For Action, choose Go to Link. In Link box type google.com. Turn ON or OFF for Open in New Tab. Click Save.

'Google' is now added to the Header Menu. Click Save & then Preview this in your page.

Now Google is added to the header menu. If you go to i.e. 'All Courses' page, you will see the newly added menu item 'Google' in the header. It will be mirrored across all pages of your site. This only applies for dynamic blocks. It works the same with the footer dynamic block.

There are many places where dynamic blocks are used, i.e. Courses. These are all dynamic blocks. If you make a change to one, it will update. Dynamic blocks pull information in from the website. For instance, if you add a new course to the course blocks, then it will appear inside the dynamic content. So this is what dynamic blocks are.

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