Go to Site > Pages. You can see all the pages of your site are listed here.

If you would like to add a new page to your site, you can create a new one using the [Add Page] button shown at the top right of the page.

Pages area is set up so that you can design your site pages such as Course Page, Login Page, Privacy Policy Page or Home Page.

On the right-hand side, you can see Actions icons. You can Delete pages, certain pages you cannot delete. There will be a message if you cannot delete that page, such as a login page.

You can also Preview and Clone pages. If you set up a template page and you can Clone and also Edit this page. When you click the Edit button, you will go to Page Builder, which allows you to design your pages. If you go to Edit Page Settings you can change the name of the page or URL, and whether that page is viewable by the public or specifically logged-in users or students of your site.

The Status of the pages will show as Unpublished or Published so that they're viewable or not.

The Page Builder is part of each page and you can start building your site by going to Edit icon. The Page Builder is used throughout Zenler in other areas such as Marketing Funnels, Lives or Course Pages. By learning how to use the Page Builder, you will be able to use that knowledge in these areas of your Zenler site and speeds up your workflow. Page Builder uses Dynamic Blocks for things like the menu or footer of the web page.

If you have the same Dynamic Blocks on other pages, changes you make in one Dynamic Block will appear in all of these pages. For example, if you add a new menu item inside the header area, it will be reflected in all pages containing that Dynamic Block. For more information on the Page Builder and building the page, look in the support docs.

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