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SEO for Your Blog and Posts
SEO for Your Blog and Posts
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SEO for your blog posts. Inside the Blog, you have the ability to add SEO to all posts and the blog itself. Let's add SEO to one of the blog posts. Go to Site, Blog and click blog article that you want to SEO. Please note, this is just a quick overview.

Go to Settings & SEO Settings. You can name your blog post in Page Title, and this can be different from the post itself. Page Description is a short description using appropriate keywords that works for SEO.

On the right-hand side, you find Search Engine Preview of the blog post as it would appear if you posted it and Social Media Preview as well.

If you wish to change the image, you can click an icon in Social Media Image section. You can Either upload new image or pick an image from the library.

Meta Keywords are descriptive words about the blog post. Type words and separate them with commas. For example: Zenler blogs, blogs, blog on blogs, ...

Normally you put about five or six keywords into this area.

Once you've completed SEO Settings, just click Update.

As mentioned earlier, you can add SEO to all blog posts. Go to Blog and Settings.

Scroll down to SEO Setting and follow the same procedure as earlier, enter page title & description, meta keywords and social media image. Once finished click Update.

Visit to find more information on SEO.

Go to On Demand and make sure you sign up first, scroll down to Marketing Basics with Zenler & Enrol.

Once you're enrolled for this course, simply work your way through the modules. This is fairly in depth SEO training including Search Console, Google Analytics, and Basic SEO.

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