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Creating Your Blog Post
Creating Your Blog Post
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Go to Site and click Blog from the left navigation bar. If you have not created any blog post, you may need to Enable the Blog.

How to create a blog post:

Once you enable the blog, you'll have a New Blog Post icon.

You'll have Settings and View Blog.

To create a blog, just click New Blog Post.

Enter Post Title and Post Description. Then simply click Create.

From here, you can set up a Blog Image by clicking Change. Recommended size for blog images are 1200 x 675. Click Change.

Upload your own image, Select Your Image and click Open.

Now you'll have the ability to crop the image. If you've used a larger size image, click Crop and Save, and your blog image is created.

Let's write our blog content inside here, where it says Content.

1. Select the Text and 2. Format using the wysiwyg editor. You can make text Bold or Italic, create Strikethrough, create List or Table, drop Images in, add Links, Text Colour, change the Font Size and Align. You can view this also in Full Screen.

You can change Post URL of your blog post by editing the end part. If you have more than one Author, you can select them here. If you want you can select/create a Category here.

Once you are finished formatting your blog post, you can just click Update.


Show featured image on post page: The toggle button allows you to Turn ON/OFF the image.

Post Visibility: You can set who should be able to view the blog post - Anyone can view, Only logged in users or Enrolled in course.

SEO Settings
​Page Title: You can give a page title that can be used in search engines.

Page Description: The description of the page that can be used in search engine Meta Keywords: Add meta key words that can be used for your blog post. Use comma to separate each key words
​Social Media Image: Choose an image for social media.

This is Preview here of how it looks in a search engine or shared socially.

You can also add Custom Code down in the black box.

You can view how the social share looks on other platforms. If we change the page description text we can see it updated in the preview section.

This blog post is visible to Anyone can view and click Update in bottom right hand corner.

Now, this blog post has been created. You have the option to Publish Post or Preview the post let's click Preview.

While previewing, you can see that by default social share icons for others to share in your blog post. Also the name of the author will be there under the title of the blog post title. There is the breadcrumb link at the bottom. you can see how the featured image and the article will be shown. You can notice that inside the header menu, there is a new menu item called Blog. Click Blog.

You go through to blog post page that you have. Now, the blog post is not listed as it hasn't been published yet.

Go back to Site, Blog and Publish Post.

Please note that you will need to Update the site map yourself when you create a new blog post, make sure you do this. For now we will Close it.

You'll have Settings and View Blog.

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