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Zen Chat our Networking Club
Zen Chat our Networking Club
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ZenChat is our Zenler networking club it is free of charge to join.

ZenChat networking is a chance to connect with other instructors and share ideas or even collaborate. Don't miss the next session.

So to become a ZenChat member, all you need to do is go to and sign up and join for free to our tutorial site. Once you've joined up, go ahead with log in.

To join ZenChat scroll down to on demand or use the filter For Zenler networking, find ZenChat and just enroll for free.

You will now have access to Zen chat.

This run twice a month and you get the chance to connect with other Zenler instructors. Find instructors that are in your niche, and you can network with them, or you can talk about ideas.

ZenChat is a great way to network with fellow instructors on the Zenler platform.

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