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The Global Includes are additional codes (script and style) that can be added in the <head> section of all pages on your site or that of Course Player.

You can find this under Site > Site Settings > Global Includes.

This feature allows you to add code into all of the pages of your site, in one go. This could be used for Google Analytics code, or be used for scripting that you wish to put in the head section of all of the pages on your site.

The codes added in the area Course Player, will come effect on the curriculum of your site.

Please note, that you can also paste/type CSS into both of these areas.

After adding the code, click Update.

Please make sure you test your site, and make sure it all works as expected.

If you have any problems, delete the code and click update again.

Note: We expect users to know what they are doing with any code added to the site. If there is any error in the code you add under Global Include, it will affect your entire site.

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