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The Zenler Dashboard
The Zenler Dashboard
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The Zenler admin dashboard, is the first page shown when you go into your site as Admin.

The dashboard gives you a breakdown/overview of what's happening on your site.

It gives you:
✔️ Sales
✔️ Yesterday's sales
✔️ The last seven days
✔️ This month's visitors to your site
✔️ Any leads that you've converted for your funnels or forms
✔️ Any site sign ups or course enrollments

And you can see there's a graph here that gives you an overview of the details.

If you hover over any of the question marks, you can see what it says about those areas.

You will also see any activity happening via the live stream on the right-hand side, and any sales you've made or orders are in this area.

This gives you a quick overview.

There is also a filter to allow you to search by:
✔️ Today
✔️ Yesterday
✔️ Last seven days
✔️ Last 30 days
✔️ This month
✔️ Last month
✔️ This year
✔️ Last year
✔️ Custom range

See the video:

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