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Upgrading from the Free Plan to Paid
Upgrading from the Free Plan to Paid

This document describes how you can upgrade a Free Plan to Paid

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When you start with Zenler, you are going to be on a free plan. In a free plan, you are limited on some of the features that you can use inside the platform.

How can you identify that you are on a Free Plan?

When you log into Zenler as an admin, you will see a big pop-up.

It tells you the pricing plans that are available on Pro and Premium. If you just click on the screen, then you can get rid of that. If you would like to see the pop-up again, click on the button SPECIAL OFFER shown on the header.

Why do upgrade to a Paid Plan?

In the Free Plan, you will not have some of the features such as Blog, Live, Email Domain Authentication, Integration of some Payment gateways etc. All of the things, you can find what you can use and what you cannot use are on our matrix.
Click here to see the matrix.

Here is our Zenler comparison pricing plans matrix.

How to Upgrade from Free Plan to Paid

Go to My Account > Upgrade.
The plan can be purchased from there.

You can also purchase the plan from the pop-up window shown when you click the button SPECIAL OFFER shown on the header

Please refer to the following video:

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