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To find the latest information and videos from Zenler, you can go to our YouTube channel. It is youtube.com/c/Zenler. Our YouTube channel is really an active part of our education. We post videos here. You can also find new feature releases that we add to the platform appear here first.

If you Subscribe and hit the bell icon, you will be informed of any videos we have released onto our YouTube channel.

Another key facility on our YouTube channel is Zen PopUps. These are useful training videos.

A Day with Zenler, which we featured at the end of each month is another one.

We have pro interviews and lots of other resources on our YouTube channel.

Now YouTube is really good because you can just go to our channel and hit the search, and then you can type a word and find if those videos are on our YouTube channel.

You can find topics really quickly by going to our YouTube channel.

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