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This article shows how you can Sign Up for Zenler

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Sign up for Zenler is absolutely free. Following are the steps:

  1. Click the button GET STARTED FREE

  2. Enter the email ID on the text box and click Request Invite

  3. Now you will receive an email. Open it and click on the button Click here to Signup.

  4. Now you can see the page with Signup Now button visible. Click on the button.

  5. The site sign up page will be shown.

    • Site Name: This will be the first part of your site address. If you type mysite, your site will be

    • First Name: Your first name

    • Last Name: Your last name

    • Email: Your email id that you use for logging into your site.

    • Password: A password. This will be the password you use to logging into your site.

    • Check ON the option "Yes, I agree to receive emails about your products and special offers."

      Then click the button Sign up

  6. Now you will be see a page to enter your mobile number. Enter the mobile number, you will receive a One-Time-Code to that mobile number.

  7. Enter the One-Time-Code received on your mobile

  8. Then you will receive an email verification email to the given email ID.

  9. Open the email and click on the button Verify Your Email.

  10. After verifying the email, you will see as shown in the image.

Click on the button Go to Dashboard. Now your sign up is complete.

See the video:

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