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Getting Started with Zenler - Quick Start Guide
Getting Started with Zenler - Quick Start Guide
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Getting started with Zenler is really easy.
We give you all the educational resources you could possibly need visit and sign up for the training hub.

Once signed up, you can have a little tour of this site by clicking here, it will open a little video. It tells you all about our tutorial site.

If you are brand new to Zenler and you just got a new account. You can actually book a free tour with one of our educators here at Zenler next.

Or if you want to jump straight into the training, you have all of the training below in the on-demand area, live challenges, live events, latest features.


"The Quick Start Guide" provides a solid foundation for using Zenler. This training takes between 2 to 4 hours to complete the curriculum and will be your first step to learning Zenler. You will be surprised at how much you can achieve in just a short amount of time.

Zenler prides itself on being an intuitive platform, and many of our instructors echo those same words to us on a daily basis.

After completing the "Quick Start Guide," we advise you to explore the "Complete Guide to Zenler." This is a massive course, and we expect you to cherry-pick the best bits that you need for creating your site or your membership site, along with all the other courses and resources that are available for you to use. So browse through them and choose the ones that interest you, including our marketing courses, social media courses, and branding courses.

We have lots of content here for you to enjoy, so get up to speed quickly by doing "The Quick Start Guide," and then you'll be all set.

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