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How to Automatically Register a User to a New Zenler Live Webinar via Zapier?
How to Automatically Register a User to a New Zenler Live Webinar via Zapier?

This tutorial shows how to automatically Register a user to a Live webinar in New Zenler via Zapier

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To simplify the handling of webhooks, we recommend a service called Zapier.

Zapier integrates with almost all marketing, and auto-responder providers available.

One example is to register a user for Zenler Live Webinar via Zapier.

(In this example, we are showing how to connect Google sheet & Zenler to automatically register a user for a Zenler Live Webinar).

Step 1: Log in to your Zapier account. Click on the Create Zap button.

Step 2: Choose Google Sheets from the app list.

Step 3: Choose a trigger from the trigger list and proceed.

Step 4: Select a Google Sheets account to handle the trigger or connect with the new one.

Click on Continue to proceed.

Step 5: Select Google Drive, Spreadsheet and Worksheet details from which you want to get user data.

Click on Continue to proceed.

Step 6: In this step, click the Test trigger.

Zapier will help you to test if the integration is successful or not.

If you clicked the Test trigger, It will show sample data or last entry details in your google sheet like this:

Then click Continue to proceed.

Step 7: Now your trigger step is finished and you need to set up the action step. Add an action step & choose Zenler App from the app list that can hold a trigger from your Google sheets account.

Step 8: Choose Action Register Live Webinar from the Action list.

Step 9: Connect your New Zenler account.

While connecting a new account, you have to submit the API key and Subdomain of your New Zenler account in the form.

Then click Yes, Continue.

Click Continue.

Step 10: Enter the following fields with corresponding data to create a Zap between ‘Google sheets’ and ‘New Zenler’.

Live webinar: Select the live webinar from the drop-down you want to register the user into.
Note: Only upcoming live webinars will list in this drop-down.

First Name: Enter the first name of the user (required).

Last Name: Enter the last name of the user (optional).

Email: Enter the email of the user (required).

First Name & Email are the fields required for webinar registration.

Address, City, State, Zip Code, Phone, Tag etc are optional fields in this case.

Step 11: In the next step, the Zapier will help you to test the integration with test data.

Click on the Test & Continue button and Register the test user for your Zenler Live Webinar via Zapier.

Step 12: You have successfully created a Zap. Now you can turn on the zap for live triggering.

Similarly, you can integrate any app (supported by Zapier like SamCart, CloudCart etc...) to automatically register users for a Zenler Live Webinar.

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