Add Assignment

You can add assignments just like you add other contents to your courses

  1. Create a course/ Open a course already created

  2. Under Curriculum section, add Section > Lesson

  3. Click on the icon Assignment in the Add Content section

4. A window "Add Assignment" will be opened up

Assignment Title - Title of the Assignment

Assignment Description - The description of the assignment

Assignment Type - The assignment type you would like to receive, as text or any file.

If the option 'Text Input' is selected, student can submit the assignment as text. There will be a text editor available for the students to add their assignment.

If the option 'File Upload' is selected, student can submit the assignment as any file such as PowerPoint, Video, Audio, PDF etc. There will be a file upload field available for the student to upload their assignment file.

When you select this option, a 'Maximum File Size' field also will be shown up. You can set a maximum file size for the student's assignment file here.

You can decide up to 500 MB of the file size here.

Upload Additional Reference - If you would like to give any additional reference file for students, you can upload the same here.

5. After Adding the assignment, you can see the Assignment just like other contents of the course.

The added assignments can be edited or deleted.

How to change Text Settings of the Assignment for Non-English Users

Non-English users can change the text to their language under Site > Language > Course Player

How the student can view the Assignment

The student can view the assignment when he/she goes through the course. While viewing the course, the assignment will be be shown in a section named 'Assignment'.

A text editor will be available for the students to add the Assignment text. This text editor will be shown only when the instructor had set the 'Text Input' on, in the Assignment Type when he added the assignment to the course.

An upload file field will be available for the students to upload the Assignment file. This field will be shown only when the instructor had set the 'File Upload' on, in the Assignment Type when he added the assignment to the course.

By clicking on the Submit Assignment button, the assignment will be submitted to the instructor. Once submitted, it cannot be edited or deleted. It will be shown as in the picture below.

There is a Comments section where the instructor and student can add their comments on the assignments.

After the instructor reviewed the assignment, it will be shown with the the instructors review details.

If the student is requested to resubmit the assignment, then a new button Resubmit Assignment will be shown at the top right of the assignment. By clicking on the button, student can submit his new version of the assignment.

After resubmitting the assignment it will be shown in a new tab. The older version will be preserved. The latest three versions of the assignments will be shown. Oldest one will get deleted.

How to Manage Assignments

When a student submits the assignment, the instructor will get notified with email.

The Assignments will be shown under the Courses > Assignments section.

Overview - All Time

This will show an all time report on the assignments created so far.

Recent Submissions

Recently added assignments by the students will be shown in Recent Submissions section. To View and Evaluate the assignment, click on the button Manage near each assignment.

The student's assignment can be seen in the All Revisions section.

The assignment text will be shown under the tag Submitted Content.

If the assignment is uploaded as a file, the file will be shown under Submitted File. This file can be downloaded and viewed.

The instructor and students can add/view comments on the assignment in Comments section.


The Assignments section will show the reports based on each assignment.

The Manage button near each assignment will show the detailed view of that assignment.

You can view and evaluate each assignment of the student from here also.

Evaluate an Assignment

At the right side of the student's assignment, you can see section named Evaluate. The instructor can evaluate the assignment submitted by student here.

When the option Approve/Reject/Resubmit is clicked, a feedback text field will be show up. This will help the instructor to add his feedback while evaluating the assignment.

When you click on the Approve/Reject/Resubmit button, a window 'notify student' will be shown.

Admin can add his own message in this window. The button Notify is clicked, the content written on the window will be added to the Comments section.

If the option "Send Email Notification to student" is set on, the student will be notified through email too.

The evaluated assignment will be shown with the updated status and feedback.

The instructor can re-evaluate the assignment whenever he wants.

If the instructor wants the student to resubmit the assignment, he can request for resubmitting the same. If that is the case, the latest three versions of the assignments will be shown. Oldest one will get deleted.

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