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Integrating New Zenler with Razorpay for Payments in India
Integrating New Zenler with Razorpay for Payments in India

The article shows how easily you can connect your account with Razorpay and start accepting payments in India.

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If you are a Course Creator based in India then Only this tutorial is relevant for you.

If your business is not registered in India, then you cannot use RazorPay to accept payments.

New Zenler is the First Ever Course platform to support Payments In India with Razorpay Integration.

From One time pricing, to subscriptions to payment /installment plans, order bumps, upsells to paid trials, we now support the whole suite of options for India with Razorpay. Indian instructors can offer most extensive set of payment method in India With Domestic and International Credit & Debit cards, EMIs ( Credit/Debit Cards & Cardless), PayLater, Netbanking from 58 banks, UPI and 8 mobile wallets.

You can integrate your Razorpay account with NEW Zenler with few clicks.

Please follow the steps given below:

  1. Go to Your New Zenler Admin Integration

You will get the Key ID and Key Secret from

For supporting the recurring transactions (Subscription plan and Payment Plan) you would need to create a webhook in the Razorpay dashboard.

Please follow the steps:
1. Go to Settings -> Webhooks

2. Add New Webhook.
Webhook URL:
3. Select the following events
Active Events : payment.failed , subscription.pending, subscription.charged, subscription.cancelled, subscription.completed, refund.processed

Important points to remember if you connected your New Zenler Site to Razorpay.

  1. You should need to register your New Zenler site URL with Razorpay(DO NOT use site - use your own site). For this please contact Razorpay support.

  2. You should need to add your address on the contact page.

  3. The course currency can be in any currency but it will get converted into INR and your report will be on INR.

  4. Only INR is supported for recurring Plans. You can contact Razorpay support for enabling international recurring payments.

  5. Coupons can be applied to only One Time plans. For Subscription Plans and Payment Plans, the coupon won't work.

  6. Only One Time plans are supported for order bump.

  7. EU-VAT is not handling Razorpay.

  8. Daily plans are not allowed for recurring plans.

  9. You would need to contact Razorpay support for enabling recurring payments on debit cards and UPI.

Some extra info that we have got from an instructor using Razorpay: "There is a Razorpay transaction fee model that is a customer bearer model where the transaction fee can be passed on to the customer. This privilege is only for the approved accounts and the account needs to be that of a training institute. Also, there is an offer to further wave off the fee to 1.65% if the trainer chooses a current account offered by Razor pay"

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