1. How can I Autoplay a Video on a Lesson?

You can enable autoplay for the videos added to the course curriculum (Course-> Curriculum-> Enable Video Autoplay). But please note you cannot enable autoplay for videos on Pages yet.

2. How can I provide coupon fro my Affiliate?

You can generate an Affiliate link with coupon.

Eg: <couurse url>?affiliate=affID&coupon=code

3. How do I payout my affiliate?

You can find the Affiliate payment details under the Affiliate program section. You can payout the affiliate manually from your Payment gateway and can mark it as Paid in your Zenler account.

1. Check what's due in reports.

2. Do payout yourselves using your payment gateway.

3. Mark them as paid.

4. How the courses are listed in the Student Side under the 'My Course' tab?

The Courses are listed in the order of enrollment date...Latest Enrolled First. Not by the order of the "All Courses" block.

5. Will the secret course list in search engines?


6. Why the Custom certificate I have uploaded not working?

The custom certificates now need someone(designer or developer ) who has expertise in SVG to do that and keep to the sample SVG format we provide as much as possible. Without that, it may not work.

7. Can I set more than one currency for a single course?

You can have only a single currency for a single course.

8. Is there any way to limit coupons to a specific course plan?

No, currently, the coupon will be applicable to all course plans.

9. Can I set the courses as free as they are part of the membership and not sold individually?

You can keep the course as secret or hidden and add to Bundle.

10. How does NZ handle cancellations of monthly payments?

Only once the student cancels the Subscription from the student side-> Billing then the subscription will get cancelled at the plan period ends.

Once the admin unenrolls the Student, then the Subscription will get canceled on the same day.

11. Will the affiliate get a recurring commission for the subscription course plan?

Yes, the affiliate will get credit for every recurring payment.

12. Can I restrict the number of enrollments to my course?

Currently, No.

13. Is there a way to pay an affiliate a fixed amount per sale?

Currently, you can pay a percentage(%).

14. Will the Course pricing plan deletion effect already enrolled users?

The people who already enrolled keep their pricing plan, it's just that new people can't buy it anymore because it's no longer on the site.

15. How can I give a discount for just one user?

Create a product-specific coupon with a redemption limit set to 1.
And sent the coupon applied link to that particular user.

16. Why the course sales page shows a warning" This course is not open for enrollment"?

This message usually comes up when you have not added a pricing plan for your course. Please do check if you have added any pricing plan.

17. What is the time zone of the coupon expiration date in Zenler?

The coupon timezone depends on the timezone set for your account ( site->timezone), if not set works on server time GMT.

18. How can students be automatically unenrolled when they don’t renew?

Once the subscription was cancelled by Student Or due to card issues (after a few retry attempts), the subscription will get cancelled. It is the normal working..! Hence the Student will get unenrolled from the course.

19. Is there an option for Course bulk purchase?

1) You can create a new course pricing plan for bulk purchase ( eg.20 users)
2) And once the client purchases the plan, you can ask them to share the details of the 20 users and you can add them to site-> People: Student
3) And enroll them in the corresponding course manually from the admin side.
Or you can give free coupons for the other 19 users

20. I can find some students in my account but not enrolled in any courses, why?

Someone who Signup up with your Site, even tho if they have not enrolled in any of your courses, they are considered as Students.

21. How does my student print/download a PDF file from the course curriculum?

You have to upload the PDF as a download if you want the student to be able to print/download instead of uploading it as a PDF

22. Can I enable the drip delay lesson level?

Only at the Section level, so you would need to make one lesson per section for now.

23. If a student that comes through an affiliate refunds a purchase. Does that get updated in the affiliate's dashboard?

Once you refund the payments through stripe then it will affect the affiliate dashboard and reports, and if the refunds are processed through Paypal then it will not get reflected on the affiliate's dashboard.

24. Are the updates on the affiliate's dashboard live or do they update on specific periods/times?

The affiliate transaction will shows in the affiliate reports when the purchase happens through the affiliate link.

25. Is there an option to copy courses from one school to another school?

Not now. But on the list.

26. How can I add an Order Bump to a course?

You can add the order bump on the checkout page. Order bump can be added to the courses having at least one pricing plan other than a free plan.

27. Can I manually enroll a user in a Course?

i) Add a user from Site -> People -> Student -> Add user.

ii) Then you can find a "Courses" tab listed under this user

iii) You can choose the course to which the user has to be enrolled.

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