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1. With Zenler LIVE do I need to pay for Zoom or any other webinar platform?

The easy answer is no, however, every platform tends to offer something different, so weigh up what you need for now.

2. Do I need to pay a monthly subscription for LIVE?

No, LIVE is included within your membership at the Pro/Premium level.

3. What are the limits on LIVE?

300 Attendees
100 Total Live Sessions per month
1.5 hrs duration on each session by default. But you can also now run 25 sessions with an extended duration of 1.5 hrs to 2hrs in this.

10 super extended (new) for up to 4 hours per month
Total 100 Live credits for Pro /month = 65 sessions up to 1.5 hours + 25 sessions up to 2 hours + 10 sessions up to 4 hours (new).

500 Attendees
300 Total Live Sessions per month
1.5 hrs duration on each session by default. But you can also now run 100 sessions with an extended duration between 1.5 hours to 2 hours in this.

50 super-extended (new) for up to 4 hours per month

4. Can you remove the watermark on Live Stream to FB?
No, you cannot. Any live stream via Zoom will always have this.

5. How to set up an Automated/Evergreen Webinar Funnel in New Zenler?

6. What is the difference between accessing the Live Class & Live Webinar?

Live Class: Only students who have an account can access it by logging in.
Live Webinars: Anyone can register and join with just an email.

7. Can I set up recurring Live Sessions?

You can set up recurring Lives for Live 1-1 Bookings, Live Classes, Live Webinars and Live Interactive Webinars but not Live Streams.

Note: Each recurring session in a recurring Live will use up one credit out of the credits available to you.

8. How do we get an invite link when we schedule a Livestream?

You can't really get links to FB live /send mails for Live but instead, you can do this:
Schedule Live on FB so that people can subscribe for reminders on FB and then from NZ Live when you go live use the Custom Streaming option get the keys and add them to the FB schedule.
Check Streaming to Facebook via custom live streaming
Section here.

9. I tried to have Zenler Zoom to my FB Group. It responds with this error message

(#200) Subject does not have permission to create a live video on this group

What should I do?

When you live stream to a FB group from NZ Live Interactive Webinar/Live Stream and you see a message that you don't have permission to go live in the group - do the steps below to set up the permissions.

Do this:

1. Go to Settings of FB Group.

2. Go to Manage Advanced Settings > Apps

3. Search and Add Zoom as an app for live stream one

10. Does Live Class / Live Webinar / Live Interactive Webinar support multiple schedules?

Yes, you can set up Multiple Schedules for Live Classes, Live Webinars and Live Interactive Webinars.

See the Videos:
Multiple Schedules for Live Class:
Multiple Schedules for Live Webinars:
Multiple Schedules for Live Interactive Webinars:

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