Stripe Integration

In addition to PayPal, New Zenler also supports Stripe.

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You can integrate your Stripe account with NEW Zenler just in 2 minutes.

Please follow the steps given below:

  1. Go to Your New Zenler Admin Integrations 

      2. Click on the Connect with Stripe option. You will get redirected to Authorisation           page.

      3. If you are already having an account, then you can Signup from here.

        Click on the Connect my Stripe account button in order to complete the                          integration process.

    4. You can fill the requested details in order to create a new Stripe account as well.

Note: Only for Stripe India users
Stripe India integration is available only from Pro onwards.

For Stripe Indian customers, add the Customer Name and Address field there on the Checkout page. To enable the same, go to Courses > Pages > Checkout page and select the checkout block and go to the Settings tab.

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