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Adding an Additional Site on your Plan
Adding an Additional Site on your Plan
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When you need more than one site(Entirely Separate New Zenler sites): let's say,, and more you can use Add Sites feature. 

This means when you Add a New Site we automatically create an entirely separate New Zenler sub-account/site. So each site you add will have its own Data(Courses/Funnels/Students/Emails etc) so nothing is shared across Sites. Then you can also set up a custom domain for every single site you add.
So Site 1, Site 2, Site 3 etc will be entirely different NZ Sub-accounts with no data shared between them. And now you can use your single admin login to Add multiple sites - as many as your plan allows.


As per Add Sites terms you can ONLY add Your Own Own Sites - You need to own the sites yourselves. i.e., You cannot Add Sites for someone else.


1. Add Site using Account -> Sites -> Add Site

2. Once you click on the Add Site button, a message box will popup with the instruction that should be kept in mind before you proceed with a NEW Site creation.
Click on the Continue button to proceed.

3. You will get redirected to another page where you can fill with the new site details.

4. Enter the details in the requested fields and click on the Add Site button to proceed.

5. You can find the new Site listed under the Sites tab.

Click on the Edit icon to make necessary settings in the Site Name or Site URL.

6. Switch seamlessly between your Sites from your profile pic drop down on your admin header.


  • You can add as many Sites as your plan allows.

  • Each site will have its own Data (Courses/Funnels/Students/Emails etc).

  • No data is shared across your different Sites.

  • You can set up a custom domain for every single site you add.

  • Sites can be added using your single existing login.

  • Plan features are shared between sites.

  • Various limits like Email limits etc are based on your Plan for all the sites altogether, so the limits are shared across all your sites

  • You can ONLY add sites that you own. i.e You cannot add Sites that do not belong to you.

  • If you need existing sites to be linked, talk to

Important Note:

  • When you Add a Site you can Only add your own sites that are actually yours(that you own), you cannot add someone else's Sites.

  • As Custom domain setup is yet to be automated, expect some delays for support to handle your requests.

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