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How to Create Surveys on Pages with Forms?
How to Create Surveys on Pages with Forms?

This tutorial shows you how you can add Surveys to page using Forms and Form elements

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Important: If you are looking for fully featured Quizzes and Surveys for your courses please look at Add Quizzes and Add Surveys in Course > Lesson. This Article is only for those who want to use Form Elements to create a Survey on a Page.

Let's take an example of the Survey page we did during a recent Webinar.

How do we add such a survey to a page using Elements > Form?

You can either create this survey on a page in Site > Pages or Add a Step in your Funnel.

For this example, we are going to add a step to Marketing Funnel which we created by selecting Lead Magnet Funnel Type.

So for this example, we assume that you have created a Marketing Funnel using Lead Magnet as the funnel type...

If you are just inserting the Form on a Page in Site > Pages then skip to Step 7

1. You can either click Add New Step button or Clone Step icon to clone a step. 

2. We are going to clone the Thank you Page so that we can easily do the survey page in a similar style - so Click Clone Step.

3. New Step has been added now.

4. Rename the Step name as Survey and also the URL slug to the survey so that we get better meaningful names :)

5. Click the Pencil Icon for this Survey Page and open up the Page Editor.

6. Delete all unrelated content/buttons etc from this page as we want to add a Survey here.

7. Click Add Element on any element you want to add the Form under.

8. Search for 'Button' and insert the button.

9. Change the text /color /font size for the Button.

10. From Elements > Form drop the Form fields you want. For this example, We use two Input Fields and a Drop Down from Elements > Form.

IMPORTANT: For now each Form needs an Email Address Input Field for the submissions to work. Without that this survey will not work. One of the input fields I am going to use for this purpose as you can see later on in this tutorial...

11. Go to Settings of each field by clicking on settings gear icon for the field now. 

12. Add a place holder text, select if its a required field or not.

13. Select Input type as Custom Type (IMPORTANT STEP).

14. Also don't forget to add a Custom type name. We recommend adding a name without spaces.

15. Go to the Drop Down Type field's settings. Select Input Type as Custom Options.

16. Keep adding the drop-down items you want to add to this and make sure you set a unique identifier for each drop-down item bit like above.

IMPORTANT: For now each Form needs an Email Address Input Field for the submissions to work. Without that this survey will not work.

PS We are working on removing this restriction so that you don't need to do that...

17. Go to the input field where you want to make an email address field.

Set the Input Type as Email.

18. Go to Settings for the Button.

19. Set Action as Submit Form.

20. You can Add to an Email List or You can also set action that should happen after form submission in Post Submit Action (If you want to go to a link or go to next step in the funnel for example)

21. You can also add separate titles for each form element like in the earlier example too.

22. Now it's time to test the funnel...

23. Go to funnel page or the survey page and do a test optin.
24. Go to Funnel > Leads and Click More Fields and turn the Two fields from your Survey form ON.

25. You will start seeing the data that was entered through the survey form. In this case the BIGGEST_PAIN and PROFESSION fields.

26. You can now Export the results as CSV too!

Segmentation based on the Form Data

27. You can use this data further in your Automations in Filters to segment people based on the survey form data.

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