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Different Roles and what each Role can or can't do
Different Roles and what each Role can or can't do

This article describes what permissions each Role has.

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We have different Roles you can assign to a contact on your site.
Currently, the roles are Owner, Site Admin, Instructor, Assistant (do not have access to your financials), Support (people management), Affiliate, Student & Lead. 

Role Matrix

You can also assign Custom roles for example Student + Affiliate depending on the plan you are on.

Some more info on the roles:

Instructor Role

Access the dashboard and see details related to their course.

Manage their course and the course in which they are given access to. Access to course could be given under the Instructor field in Course Details. This will allow them to manage everything inside the course like curriculum, automation, pages etc.

They can edit/delete the details of the students enrolled in their course. Also could edit/delete the student details for the course in which they are given access.

Can only access their own data that they upload to like Media/Video Library, Courses, Bundles etc. Also could access the data inside courses in which they are given access to.

Cannot change anything related to the course in a bundle if there is no access given to that course under course details.

Set up their own bundle automation, also could apply the course level automation setup to bundle. Also could add their email address on the Email address field on Automations.

Access to the Live Section. Can only access the live sessions created by them.

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