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Connecting Your New Zenler Site to PayPal
Connecting Your New Zenler Site to PayPal

Article shows you how you can easily connect your account with Paypal and start accepting Paypal Payments

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A payment gateway is required for you to start pricing your courses.

New Zenler integrates with a number of external service providers, including PayPal. With PayPal, you can receive payments from your customers when they sign up for your courses.

Before You Begin

Before connecting your site to PayPal, ensure:

  • You have created a PayPal Business account

  • You have the email address that you used to set up your Paypal Business account

  • You are logged into your business PayPal account, and

  • You are logged into your New Zenler site.

To connect Your New Zenler Site to PayPal:

  1. In your PayPal Business site, from the Tools menu, click Business Setup.

Result: The ‘Welcome to your PayPal business account’ page is displayed.  

2.Click ‘Set Up Online Payments’.

Result: The ‘Let’s set up payments on your website’ page is displayed.  

3.Click ‘Get Your API credentials’.

Result: The ‘Copy your API credentials’ page is displayed.’


4.Click ‘Copy client ID’.

Result: The client ID is copied to your computer’s clipboard.  

5.In New Zenler, display the PayPal Integration page.

Note: To do this, on the menu bar, click Site, then on the left-menu, click Integrations, then under PayPal, click ‘Connect with PayPal’.

Result: Three empty fields are displayed.  

6.In New Zenler’s ‘PayPal Client ID’ field, paste the Client ID.

Note: This is the Client ID that you copied to the clipboard in Step 4.  

7.In PayPal, under Secret, click Show, then click ‘Copy Secret’.

Result: The secret key is copied to your computer’s clipboard. 

8.In New Zenler’s ‘PayPal Secret Key’, field, paste the secret.

Note: This is the secret key you copied from PayPal in Step 7. 

9.In New Zenler’s ‘PayPal Email’ field, type your email address

Note:  This is the email address you used to set up your PayPal Business account.

10. In New Zenler, click Save.

Result: You will be informed that your site is connected to your PayPal account, and an Active status is displayed to indicate the connection is successful. 

What’s Next?

If this is your first payment gateway, you are now ready to price your courses and accept payments through PayPal.

Currently, with Paypal, Zenler is unable to handle EU VAT option for you. This only works for Stripe.

Credits: This Article was contributed  by one of our lovely users Chris Heath 

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