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How to integrate Moosend with your NewZenler Site?
How to integrate Moosend with your NewZenler Site?

This tutorial takes you through how easily you can integrate Moosend with your New Zenler Site.

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Log in to your New Zenler Site.

On your Admin Dashboard: 

  1. Go to Site > Integrations.
    Scroll down and find Moosend in the list of integrations. Click on Connect with Moosend.

2. Once you’ve clicked on Connect with Moosend, you’ll see two empty text fields            asking for an Email and API Key of your Moosend Account.

   a. Email is what you use to log in to your Moosend. To find API Key, open up a new           window and log in to your Moosend account.

   b. Click the Settings icon in the upper right corner of your Moosend dashboard.

   c. Select API Key from the dropdown list.

   d. Copy the API Key in the text box.

3. Go back to your Zenler Site and paste the API key into the API Key text field. Click        the Save Button.

4. Once you’ve saved your Moosend account information, you can select your default      Moosend List.
     Click the Save button to Activate your Moosend Integration.

Once the Integration has been activated:

  • Every student who signup/registers for your Zenler Site will also be added to your Moosend With Tag “Role: Student”.

  • Every user you added in your Site will also be added to your Moosend With Tag “Role: Lead, Role: Assistant” etc.

  • Every student who has enrolled in a course will also be added to your Moosend With Tag “Course: <course_name>”.

  • Every user who has subscribed to your Marketing Funnels will be added to your Moosend With Tag “Funnel: <funnel_name>”.

P.S: Note that Only new course enrolments/leads etc will get sent to Moosend. Existing users will not be sent. You would need to handle them yourselves or you can export them from People and import it yourselves into Moosend.
If you change the funnel slug(URL) manually: Currently we do not update this in on the Integrations. Integrations will still use your old funnel Slug.

Note that we added two custom fields Last Name & Tags in your Moosend account if it does not exist. The Tags field has a maximum length of 370 characters (Limited by Moosend), So only a few tags can be sent to your moosend.

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