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MailChimp: Import Existing Users into a List
MailChimp: Import Existing Users into a List

This tutorial takes you through how easily you can import existing users into your Mailchimp list.

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Step 01 :
Exporting users from your New Zenler site.

  1. Log in to your New Zenler Site.

  2. On your Admin Dashboard:
    Go to Site > People .

3. you can use Advanced Filter to filter the list of users you would like to import into
    your Mailchimp subscribers list.

4. Click Export.

Step 02:
Importing users into MailChimp

  1. Login to your MailChimp account and navigate the Audience section.

  2. Click Manage Audience & then Import contacts.

3. Choose CSV or tab-delimited text file Option & then Click Continue To Match.

4. Upload file by choosing Browse and finding your downloaded CSV file from the            above step and Click Continue To Match.

5. Match the columns in your uploaded file to your Mailchimp audience.

6. Skip all unmatched columns & then click Continue To Organize.

7. You can categorize the imported subscribers:
         a. Set the status of these contacts.
         b. Tag all the imported contacts.
         c. Any duplicate users already in the subscriber’s list based on
             email address will be skipped during the import, you can update existing
             information with the data from your import.

8. Click Continue to Review.

9. Click Import.

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