Often, you have a list of contacts that you want to import into a Funnel and send them through a funnel.

Or let's say you have a list that you have from a form on your existing site i.e., a list that you got without using New Zenler Opt-in forms. then you can import them into a funnel and kick start email automation. 

  1. Go to Site > People click Import Users

2. Now, click on Download sample csv file link to download the sample file.

2. Open the csv file downloaded, edit that and add your list onto that.

3. Click Choose file to select the file. Click Next.

4. Map the fields/columns in your sheet with the fields available and Click Next

5. To Import as Lead, from the drop down select Lead.

6. You can now assign a Tag using Add Tag field if you want to. Leave it blank if you don't need to

7. From Funnels select the Funnel you want to import the Leads to.

8. Thats it, the Leads should appear in your Funnel > Leads tab after the emails are validated so wait for sometime for the validation to happen. 

An email confirmation will hit your inbox when email validation is complete. (Our Email validation service checks each email that goes into your site to make sure its a valid one so that we can maintain good deliverability levels for Zenler Mail.)

The email confirmation will look like below:

9. All your email automation should now kick in for the Leads you have just imported.


If the list does not import properly, most likely issue is with the csv file you use. Make sure to stick to the sample.csv template format.

Also if you are on Mac, and do not have Excel to edit the csv, do not use the Numbers app on Mac, as this has been know to cause issues. instead Use Libreoffice for mac if you do not have Excel to edit the files https://www.libreoffice.org/download/download/

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