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How to create a Membership Site
How to create a Membership Site

How you can easily create a membership site for your content.

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A Membership Site is a site where all your members/students have access to all of your content in one place With membership sites you get:

  • Recurring revenue from subscriptions.

  • Have a Members area for the site where you can post membership site level updates.

  • Members get more content available to them regularly

  • Trigger Network effects by creating a community where members can interact with each other and learn from each other.  

  • Lesser Churn rate as members are more involved in a membership site.

Now that we can have covered that, let's look at how you can run Membership sites on New Zenler with the Bundles feature.

  1. Go to Courses > Bundles

  2. Click on Create Bundle

3. Add a Name(Membership Site Name) and Subtitle

4. Now you can add all the Courses you want your members/students to access in this bundle/membership.

5. You can also drag and drop and change the sequence as well.

6. Now I have all the courses I want in my bundle/membership

7. A membership site funnel is automatically created for all the pages including Sales Page, Checkout Page, Thank you page and Access Page just like in courses. You can edit any page and see conversion stats at each level as well.

8. Now Edit the Membership Area by editing the  Access Page. This will be your member area where you can post membership level posts.

9. In Pricing you can now setup a Subscription plan for Monthly or Yearly Billing. 

Membership Tiers

You can also Setup Tiers like Bronze, Silver, Gold etc and select courses into each Tier

For more on pricing options follow

10. With New Zenler you can do FREE trials 

FREE 7 day TRIAL, FREE 14 day TRIAL etc..

You can offer Free trial for your Membership for a certain number of days.

 Students would need to put the card in to access the FREE Trial (Yup, Just like any online software as service free trial nowadays), they will be charged automatically when the Trial period ends.

11. Set Trial Days to say 14 (days) and all visitors get a free trial for your entire course for 14 days when they put their card in.

 No payments will be taken for 14 days. Payment happens when trial period expires.


  • Students also have the ability to cancel the Free Trial during the trial period from their Billing > Bundle/Membership Site Name > Actions > Cancel

  •  Currently Free Trial can be set only at Bundle Plan level and not Tier Level.

12. You can also offer discounted coupons for certain number of billings in Courses > Coupons > Add Coupon

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