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An Overview of the Branding Area for Your Site
An Overview of the Branding Area for Your Site

How to easily setup your Site's Branding - your logo, favicon, fonts and colors.

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  1. Go to Site > Branding

2. Upload your Site's Logo

3. Upload your Site's Favicon
​fyi - Favicon is the icon you see on the browser window title bar as shown in the example below.

4. Select the Font family you want and hit Save.


Select your Colors. By default we will show you the default color scheme and you can change it the way you want.

5. You can select the colors you want for
​Header and Footer

6. Also you can set the Colors for the Body.

7. You can also select the Colors for the Course Player and Curriculum.

IMPORTANT: While checking Branding changes always clear your cache or check in Incognito mode.

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