When you create your account, the following default pages are automatically created for you.

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  1. Go to Site > Pages

  2. You will see all the Site pages listed here.

    Note: Course/Funnel pages are not listed here. They will be listed under Course > Pages /Funnel > Funnel Steps.

  3. You can also search & edit an existing page including the default pages( Home Page, Terms, Cookie Policy etc.)

  4. To add a new page click 'Add Page'

    a. Enter the Page Title & Page URL you want.

    b. Select the design you want to choose or start from scratch/blank.

    c. Click Publish this page toggle to publish the page, otherwise it wont be visible on the site.

    d. You can set Page Privacy.
    If you wish to show the page to all users, you can set the option 'Page is visible for All users'
    If you wish, only logged in people can view the page, set the option 'Page is visible Only for Logged in users'

    e. Click Add

    f. You will be taken to the Page editor where you can design it the way you want.

  5. Under the "Action" you can see five icons.

    a. If you would like to change the page title/page URL/publish or unpublish a page/change the page privacy click on the gear button.

    b. To edit the pages, click on the pencil button

    c. To take a copy of the current page click on the clone icon.

    d. Clicking on the eye icon, you can preview the page

    e. The delete button helps you to delete a page

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