With Powerful segmentation features you can now segment & target who exactly sees your Actions - Emails/who gets your Tags applied/For whom Webhooks get sent out etc.

You can do actions based on your students'/leads' behaviour based on what they have been doing on your site.

For example:

You can include people who should be seeing a particular email...

You can exclude some people who shouldn't be seeing a particular email...

1. Automation > Edit any Mail or Edit Any Action.

2. Click on the Filter Icon to go to the Filters Section.

3. Or Scroll down to the portion below the Email or Action.

Filter Group
With Filter groups you can group a related filters together.

4. Click Add Filter Group.

5. Enter a name for the filter group. I am going to name it TopStudents now as I want to send it to students who have bought ALL of my earlier Courses.

6. Hit Save Changes.

7. Click Add Filter to create a new filter under this filter group.

8. You can now select from a list of Filters as shown below.

9. I am going to select Enrolled in and in the second dropdown going to select my first course.

10. Now I am going to add the rest of the filters. I want to include students in my second course AND include students who Completed my other course AND students who clicked on a particular Automation Email I sent out.

10. Hit Save Changes and you will now be able to read how the filter is going to be applied in plain English.

The screen now shows, my TopStudents filter is applied when Matching All of the following conditions below:

The mail will be sent out to students matching all of the above conditions.

It will not go to anyone else.

11. You can change the Matching condition to Any or None as well.

12. Any - Use when you want to Match with Any of the filters that you add.

Let's say I want to filter out and send to anyone who bought off a coupon promotion i.e., those contacts having my BLACKFRIDAY and EASTER tags.

Mail will be sent to those Matching Any of the tags.

PS: Inside a filter group you can only have either one of the matching conditions.

13. I can add more filter groups if needed. Relation between filter groups will always be an 'AND'.

14. 13. None - Mail will be sent to those who Match None of the filters.

Let's say you want to email students enrolled in your Membership Bundle but you not everyone else. Or you want it not to be sent to people with a particular Tag and you want to exclude them.

Add a Filter Group to get all students in Membership Bundle.

Add Filter and select Enrolled in Membership Bundle.

Add another Filter Group now to now exclude people with a particular Tag.

Hit Save changes.

Now the mail will go out to everyone on the membership bundle that does not have the Tag I specified.

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