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Add one or more Pricing Plans for a Course

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In the Pricing tab, you can add one or more Pricing Plans for a Course.

1. Within the Pricing tab click Add New Plan.

2. You can now add any kind of Pricing Plan - Free, One Time Purchase, Monthly or Annual Subscription or even a Payment Plan.

You will need to have at least one pricing plan even if it's a Free one for students to be able to enrol in the Course. Otherwise, it will show a message to visitors saying that the Course is not open for enrolments.


With a Free Plan, students can access the course without paying for it.

To set up a Free Plan:

  1. Select the FREE/ No price option and click Next.

  2. Enter a Name for the Plan and a Description of the Plan.

3. Then click the Finish button to create your Free plan for this Course.

IMPORTANT: To add a paid Plan you would need to Connect to Stripe or Paypal in your Site Integrations.

One Time Purchase plan

Students can access this plan for a One Time Purchase/ Single payment.

To set this up:

4. Select the One Time Purchase option and click Next.

5. Set a Currency for the Course and add the Price that you want to charge for this plan.

Note that at the moment, for a Course you can only have one currency type for all plans. 

5. Enter a Name and Description for the Pricing Plan.

6. If you would like to add details of what students will get for this Course - i.e. to show the visitors or prospective students what key features are actually included in this course then you can do that with Add Bullet Points.

This will then appear on the Pricing Block of the Course Sales Page and on the Course Checkout Page to reinforce the value being provided by the course. This is proven to improve conversions!

Availability Windows /  Validity for the Course Plan

7. Enrolment Start and Close Dates can be set for each Course Pricing Plan so that people can only enrol within a specific window of time.

You can decide when you want to open your Course pricing plan for enrollment and when you want to close it for enrollment.

Students will only be able to enrol within these dates and not before and after these dates.

8. Course Validity for a Pricing Plan means that you can give access to your Course for only a specific length of time. And you can remove your student's access to a Course after a certain number of days. 

If you say set it to 30 days then students on this Plan are going to lose access to the Course after 30 days. 

For unlimited access to the Course then leave Course Validity as the default '0'.


With Tiers, you can split access levels for a single Course with different Pricing Plans.

So you can for example have 3 Tiers to your course...

Tier 1: Silver Pricing Plan where members can have access to only Lessons 1, 2 and 3.

Tier 2: Gold Pricing Plan where members can have access to only Lessons 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5.  

Tier 3: Diamond Pricing Plan where members can have access to the entire Course and so on...

9. If you want to have tiered Course access then click to toggle the Set Tiers to On.

10. Then you can check the boxes against the Sections/ lessons that you would like to include access to within this Tier.

Then students on this tiered Pricing Plan will only be able to access the Sections/ lessons that you have selected.

The rest of the lessons will be locked for them and they would need to pay to upgrade to be able to access them in the higher tiered Pricing Plan.

Subscription Pricing Plan

With Subscription, Pricing Plans you can create Pricing Plans that bill at a regular frequency.

11. First add a Price and currency, a Name and a Description.

12. You can also set up recurring Billing.

You can select the Billing to happen Monthly, Yearly, Every 3 months, Every 6 months, or for your own frequency with the Custom option.

With the Custom option, you can set recurring Billing to happen for example every x months.


You can offer a Free trial for your Course for a certain number of days.

Students would need to put their card in to access the Free Trial and then they will be charged automatically when the Trial period ends.

13. To set Trial Days you need to click the Set trial days toggle to On and enter your chosen number of Trial Days. For example, below it has been set to 14 (days) so that all visitors will get a free trial of the entire course for 14 days when they put their card in.

No payments will be taken for 14 days but their card will be charged once the trial period ends.

Note: Currently Free Trial can be set only at the Course Plan level and not Tier Level.

Payment Plan

Offer Instalment Pricing Plans for your course when the pricing is on the higher end and you want to offer payment in regular instalments to your students.

14. Enter the Instalment Amount and Currency.

15. Enter the number of Instalments that you want to offer.

16. Set the Billing Frequency.

Let's say I want to charge $600 split over 3 equal instalments that are paid every 3 months. See below where there is an Instalment Payment Plan of 3 payments of $200 which will be billed every 3 months. So a total of 3 x $200 = $600 which will be paid over 9 months with payments being received every 3 months

You can also set other payment frequencies as below by selecting the Custom option and choosing to bill every x months.

For example, you can choose 2 Instalments with a Custom frequency of 2 months. And you would then receive 2 payments at an interval of 2 months.

17. To set one Pricing Plan as the featured most popular one check the check box next to the Make this as most popular plan. Your most popular plan will then appear as Most Popular on the Course Pricing Block and it will also be highlighted on the Course Sales Page and Course Checkout Page.

For all of the Pricing Plans Access Windows/Validity and Tiers can be set.

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