With the Course Overview dashboard in a Course you can quickly see what is happening with your Course in real time - all at a glance.

Unique Visitors on your Course Pages/Funnel

Signups to the Course
Visitors to Enrollments Conversion Rate: Percentage of visitors that convert/enrol to your course. eg., If say you have 100 people visit your course pages and then 10 enrols/purchases your course your conversion rate is 10%.

Total Sales for the period selected and also the earnings after any fees that is applicable.

Sales Count
Total number of sales for the Course.
Visitors to Sales Conversion Rate: Percentage of visitors that convert to actual Sales. So let's say 100 people visited and 30 people in total enrolled in the Course. And in 30 enrollments let's say 10 got in on a Free Plan, so actually only 20 people paid - 20 is the sales count, and the Visitor to Sales Count Conversion ratio is 20%. (Note that currently 100% coupon sales is also included in Sales Count)

You can see the Live stream of Activities on this course in Activities

With the Donut Pie Chart you can quickly see percentage of students Not Started, In Progress & Completed.

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