1. Edit the Course and Go to Course Details tab.

  2. You can Edit the Course Title and Course Subtitle at anytime.

3. You can also edit the Course URL to change to what you want it to be.

4. Use Copy icon to copy the Course URL at any time.

5. Add more than one Instructor to this Course - the instructor details will then automatically appear on the Instructor blocks on the Sales page.

6. You can also assign a Category for this course if needed. If you haven't created any Category yet, click on Manage Categories link to Create one.

Course Settings

7. Now, there are some settings you can apply for this Course. Let's cover them here..

This Course will appear in Featured Courses block. Note that you would need to publish the course for it to be listed.

Make the Course Price Hidden

Courses will be visible in your site but the students need to contact you to purchase the course. 

Make the Course Secret

Courses will not be visible in your site. Only students with direct link to the course can access it.


8. Certificates. Click Enable Certificates for this course to enable Certificates for this course on completion.

9. Select a Certificate style from the Choose a Certificate Design drop down.

10. If you are looking to use your own Custom Certificate designs you can do that as well!. Click on Manage Certificates link to add your own custom certificate.

11. After you are done with changes hit 'Update' button to save the changes.

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