With Video Library you can Add / Bulk Upload Videos, Search Videos & Edit/Delete Videos.

  1. Click on Video Library menu under Courses

2. Click Upload Videos to add your video(s)

3. Upload your Videos from your machine, from third party storage providers like Dropbox, Google Drive, Box, OneDrive and CloudDrive.

4. You can Search for any Video using Find a Video

5. You can Edit using the pencil icon and Delete using the trash can icon as well

6. Click Edit 

Now you can either Add Closed Captions to add closed captions or Update Thumbnail to set the first frame of the video.

Adding Closed Captions (Subtitles)

You can set subtitles for the video in a number of languages.

7. Click on Add Closed Captions

8. Upload the Closed Caption file either .vtt or .srt file and select the language.

Update Video Thumbnail

9. Update Thumbnail
If you would like to set a particular frame or time in the video as your first frame before the video starts playing you can use this feature.
You can set the time offset into the video in minutes and seconds and it will show that frame as the starting off the video.

For eg., If I want to set the first frame as 2 min 30 seconds in a 5 minute video I can set as shown below:

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