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Adding Content to your Course
Adding Content to your Course

This article shows how you can easily add any type of lessons to your Course.

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Add Course Content

You can add pretty much any type of content to your courses.

Course Curriculum (also called Syllabus) is arranged similar to a Book. In a Book you got Chapters and Lessons, similarly in a Course we have Sections and Lessons. Sections are just a name you can give to group of related lessons.

Let's start building the Curriculum.

  1. Go to Curriculum tab for the Course.

  2. Let us add the first Section: Click Add Section to add a section. I am going to enter my Section name as Section 1.

3. Hit Save Changes to save the Section above.

4. There are two ways to add Course Content.

Add Lesson

  • Click on Add Lesson

5. Add a Lesson Name. Let's call it Lesson 1 for now but you can add whatever your the lesson name is here.

6. Hit Save Changes to save the lesson name.

Add Content

7. Now that you have your lesson, you can add any type of content - you can add more than one content type as well in a lesson.

You can add lessons of following types:

  • Video - Add the lesson Video(s). 

  • Audio - Add an Audio Lesson/MP3/Podcast

  • PowerPoint - Yes! You can even add PowerPoint files with custom animations, narrations, video, triggers etc, we convert it for you so that you can create an Interactive Lesson if you want to.. they will play the way it is inside your lesson.

  • PDF

  • Text Lesson

  • Add Downloads for your lesson

  • Quizzes - Different types of Quizzes, Graded & Timed Exams

  • Surveys - Various types of Survey questions.

Bulk Upload

8. Have lot of videos ready to your Course? You can easily use the Bulk Upload feature and bring in your videos in bulk. When you do that we automatically create your course structure with lessons for each of your videos as well. With Bulk Upload you can use upload videos from your device or from your file storage at third party services like Google Drive, Box, Google Drive, Cloud Drive, One Drive etc..

PS: You can also upload/bulk upload and manage your videos with Video Library as well

9. Lesson Settings

You can set how this lesson actually works for students with the options listed below.

Enable Free Preview If you enable this options for a Lesson, visitors to your Course Sales Page can preview or see this lesson without needing to signup.
Set as Draft
While you are working on a new lesson and you don't want your students to see this lesson, you can set it to draft. Unset it and they will be available to students straightaway.

Set as CompulsoryIf you would like your students to complete a lesson before they can actually continue to next lesson(s), you can set a lesson as Compulsory. Especially if the contents in the lesson are the basics of the rest of the lessons.
This can also be used along with Quizzes. i.e., if a compulsory lesson has a graded Quiz, it will not allow students to proceed to rest of course without successfully clearing the graded quiz lesson that has been set as compulsory.

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