To simplify the handling of webhooks, we recommend a service called Zapier. Zapier integrates with almost all marketing, auto-responder providers available.

Here we have brought you a small example: Create a student to Zenler via Zapier.

Step 1: Login to your Zapier account. Click on the ‘Make a Zap’ button to create a Zap.

Step 2: Choose ‘Google Sheets’ from the app list.

Step 3: Choose a trigger from the trigger list and proceed.

Step 4: Select a ‘Google Sheets’ account to handle the trigger.

Click on ‘Continue’ to proceed.

Step 5: Set Google sheets details from which you want to get user data (User Name, Email ID)

Step 6:  In this step, click ‘TEST & CONTINUE’. Zapier will help you to continue with a testing of the successful integration.

If you clicked ‘TEST & REVIEW’, It will show sample data or last entry details in your google sheet like this :

Then click ‘Continue’ to proceed.

Step 7: Now your trigger step is finished and you need to set up the action step. Add an action step.

Choose ‘Zenler’ App from app list that can hold a trigger from your Google sheets account.

Step 9: Choose Action ‘Create User’ from the Action list.

Step 10: Connect your NEW Zenler account. 

While connecting a new account, you have to submit API key and Subdomain of your NEW Zenler account in the form.

Then click ‘Yes, Continue’.

Click ‘CONTINUE’.’

Step 12: Enter the Name, Email ID of the user you are trying to add  to the corresponding fields to create a Zap between ‘Google sheets’ and ‘NEW Zenler’.

Fill the fields with the data from dropdown.

Step 13 : Choose the Role of the user (Student or Lead) From the field Role. By default Chooses Role as student if this field is empty.

Step 14 : Add Custom tags for User (Optional)

Step 15 : In the next step the Zapier will help you to continue with testing of the successful integration.

Click on the ‘TEST & CONTINUE’ button and Signup the test student in Zenler via Zapier.

Step 16 : You have successfully created a Zap. Now you can turn on the zap with a new name.

Similarly, you can integrate any app (supported by Zapier like SamCart, CloudCart etc..) for automatically create new user on Zenler.

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