Create Your First Course

This tutorial takes you through how easily you can create your first course and add lessons.

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On your admin Dashboard: 

  1. Click on Courses menu in header to go to Courses. 

  2. Click on Create New Course.

3. Add the Course Title, Course Subtitle and Course Summary.

Course Title is the name of your course.

Course Subtitle will appear on the Course Sales Page below the Title, and on the Course Card.

Course Summary will be displayed on the Course Summary Block on the Course Sales Page.

And don't worry all of these can be changed later on.

Course Subtitle and Course Summary could be added later as well so could be left blank 😀 for now.

4. Now that you have added the details above, click the Create Course Button to create your first Course.

5. That's it, you have now created the structure for your first course now.

Now it's time to Add Content to your Course. 

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